Always Find Just What You’re Looking for With a Practical Jewelry Organizer

Those of us who love accessories often have meager little jewelry boxes that overflow onto our dressers, spilling out in every direction. Pairs of earrings become permanently separated, delicate clasp closures break and our favorite stones get scratches and nicks. Our necklaces, earrings and bracelets have a way of tangling together, forming an impossible mass of tightly entwined knots.

In addition to damaging your favorite pieces, it makes it nearly impossible to find what you’re looking for. Anyone who’s scrambled to find a special piece of jewelry before rushing out the door knows this frustration all too well. It’s this kind of crunch time rummaging that evokes beastly growls and fist shakes of fury from even the most level headed, peaceful ladies. It’s downright infuriating after a while.

But take heart. With the right organization method, you can prevent jewelry damage, and find exactly what you’re looking for right away. Just imagine how much less stressful it is to get ready when all of your jewelry is visible and easy to access. If you’re ready to whip your unruly jewelry into shape, have a look at these wonderful organizers. The Over Door Mirror Armoire is an excellent place to start, especially if your jewelry collection is quite expansive.

This attractive organizer hangs neatly over your bedroom or closet door and provides the perfect space for all your earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings and more. Close the armoire to use the convenient full length mirror. This clever space saver has adequate storage space for even the wildest jewelry enthusiasts. Take advantage of the space in your closet with a clever hanging jewelry organizer. This convenient clutter clearer hangs right over your closet rod and provides 80 clear pockets to store all your jewelry and accessories.

This is an especially smart solution for those with limited space. Finally, you can reclaim the surface space on your dresser, night stand and armoire, and save time picking through jumbled jewelry. The Jewelry Hanger is another great way utilize closet space for your accessories. This handy little organizer features sturdy hooks for 28 earrings and 24 necklaces. And it’s specially designed to stay balance while hanging in your closet, so there’s no need to worry about it tipping and spilling your jewelry on the floor.

Show off your eye for style while keeping your accessories tidy with the 5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer. This attractive, spacious chest provides ample room for your favorite necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more. Plus, it adds a vintage touch to your dresser top with its gorgeous oak finish. The top flips open, revealing a convenient mirror and a roomy compartment that’s perfect for necklaces or watches. The front of this jewelry storage box features five roomy drawers for smaller accessories like rings and broaches. The sides open sideways to reveal necklace hooks.

This lovely organizer blends form and function. Earring lovers, be sure to try out the Acrylic Earring Keeper. This handy organizer neatly displays all your favorite pairs. It’s roomy enough for 12 pairs of studs, dangling or hoop earrings. The lid swings open for instant access and the storage drawer is a great place to keep coordinating pieces or small cosmetics. This compact organizer won’t take up too much space on your vanity or dresser, but it gives you plenty of room to keep your favorite earrings perfectly organized.

Keep your favorite jewelry easily accessible with the Triple Tier jewelry Organizer. If you’re proud of your beautiful collection, why not put it out on display? You can showcase all your prized pieces while eliminating clutter. The soft velvet arms of this organizer make for that special showroom feel. For a truly sleek way to stay neat, give the Spinning Mirror Jewelry Organizer a whirl.

This creative organizer keeps your valuables concealed behind three mirrored doors. You’ll find plenty of hooks for your precious necklaces and bracelets as well as convenient cups for rings and broaches. If you love jewelry, then you owe it to yourself to invest in an organizer that helps you care for your prized collection. It’s stressful and upsetting to constantly lose or damage your favorite accessories, particularly when it’s a sentimental piece.

And we all know that there’s nothing worse than frantically searching for a special necklace when you’re trying to beat the clock in the morning, or you’re hurrying to prepare for a special evening out. With these convenient and affordable jewelry organizers, you can save lots of stress and take better care of the jewelry you care about.

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The Perfect Jewelry Organizer To Organize Earrings, Bracelets, Jewelry and Accessories

Avoid the hassles and frustrations of looking for the pair of earrings, or any fashion accessory, from the jumbled collection and clear the mess and clutter of mixed up jewelry and accessories in your draws, dressers, tabletops, vanities, pocketbooks, closets, shelves, and many other places you might keep your earrings, bracelets, rings, jewelry and fashion accessories.

There’s a really cool product on the market now that can solve all these issues. It’s a hanging organizer that has transparent pockets on both sides. The individual pouches or pockets are soft to protect even the most delicate jewelry in your collection. The pockets are also see through so you can easily find the pieces you’re looking for when you need them.

Like many of us, we may have experienced an occasion where you are in a hurry to get ready, and your jewelry is all mixed up in a pile, or tangled up with other jewelry in you dresser draw, jewelry box, or storage box. It may even be tangled, and to make things more frustrating, you have to search for that matching piece quickly, and you do not have the time to find it as quickly as you want. It is at these times, that you wished you had a better way to organize your jewelry and wished you had a jewelry organizer, preferably that was a hanging one, with see through pockets so that you do not even have to go through anything, but can just look and get that matching set without any hassle.

Professional organizers recommend that you put a hanging jewelry organizer in your closet or on the back of a door and sort your jewelry and accessories so that each watch, necklace, chain, bracelet and pair of earrings has its own pouch. You may also want to go as far as to organize your items by color or metal type to make it even easier to select the pieces when you’re putting together your outfit to go out for the evening.

These two sided hanging jewelry organizers has 72 individual pockets, including several over size pouches to hold bulkier items. Before you get started on this organizational project, it’s a good idea to figure out how many items you have that you want to place in the organizer so you can buy a second one if needed. Keep in mind that you’ll also want a few leftover pouches for your new jewelry finds.

Jewelry Organizers That Can Get Your Gems in Order

Say goodbye to tangled messes and cluttered countertops when you purchase a new jewelry organizer for your home. From hanging organizers to armoires and boxes, there’s a diverse array of options to browse through.

Over Door Mirror Armoire

Give your jewelry collection enough room to spread out with the Over Door Mirror Armoire. Don’t spend another minute untangling your necklaces – hang them up on the 36 hooks of this great organizer. Ring rolls at the top will place up to an astonishing 96 rings while 48 slots will accommodate your earrings. And that’s not all – you’ll discover space for watches, bracelets and pendants inside the 12 handy compartments. A small inside mirror allows for easy application while the versatile design will securely hang over any door. Simply close this jewelry organizer to hide your accessories and view the full mirror at the same time. You’ll find jewelry you didn’t even remember you had when you hang everything inside this spacious jewelry armoire.

Elaine Faux Leather Crystal Jewelry Box

Sleek and elegant, the Elaine Faux Leather Crystal Jewelry Box will provide a spot for rings, stud earrings, and more. The 24 compartments feature a sand-toned suede lining and sit underneath a clear lid so that you can take in your collection at a glance. Adding a touch of sparkle, the flower-shaped snap closure has ten crystals that will catch your eye. The soft faux leather exterior provides a smooth and cushiony feel to this jewelry box that can sit on your nightstand or dresser. Available in black or ivory, this jewelry organizer blends in with virtually any decorating theme in the bathroom or bedroom.

Medicine Cabinet Jewelry Organizer

Create some extra storage space for your favorite jewelry pieces with the Medicine Cabinet Jewelry Organizer. The super thin design means this organizer can fit in just about any cabinet, hanging with magnets or adhesive on the back of the door. Five bottom hooks are perfect for necklaces and bracelets, while 12 slots will safely stow away your rings. You’ll encounter space for more than 20 earrings (10 pairs) in the middle panel of this convenient jewelry organizer. The plastic construction is lightweight for easy installation, while the compact design offers discreet storage. Add a bit of room for your accessories right behind your bathroom mirror where you get ready each day.

Photo Display Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

Stop cluttering up your drawers, tables, and cabinets with baubles by keeping them well organized and hidden from sight instead, with the Photo Display Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire. This armoire isn’t only functional, but decorative as well, with its three picture mattes that let you choose between hanging three 5 by 7 inch, four 4 by 6 inch, or five 3 by 5 inch photos. Swing open the picture frame to reveal two earring racks that will hold up to 14 pairs, six hooks for bracelets and necklaces, and six cubby holes for your rings and earrings. It hangs as easily as a picture frame and features a plush black velvet-lined interior. Hardwood and veneer form a sturdy structure while a smooth finish in your choice of white, black or cherry completes this clever design.

Tasha Foil Art Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

Your daughter will feel just like a grownup with a jewelry box to call her own. The Tasha Foil Art Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box will give your little one a place to set her dress-up jewelry and other items inside the single compartment. This wooden box plays “Swan Lake” when opened and features a miniature ballerina that delicately rotates in front of the mirrored lid. From the outside, you’ll notice the foil art print of a dancing ballerina on top of the lid, along with gently curving sides and a pink and white color scheme. Pink suede lining and nickel tone hardware add a nice finishing touch to this jewelry box that will make the perfect gift for children eight years and up.

Jewelry Hanger

Now you can hang more than just clothes in your closet with the handy design of the Jewelry Hanger. The coated steel construction will give you years of use, while the hanger motif will keep your jewelry tangle-free. With room for 28 earrings and 24 necklaces, you can keep your best pieces well organized and within easy reach. The clever design will stay balanced and prevent tipping, so that you can hang your accessories with peace of mind. The Jewelry Hanger will display your collection right where you prepare for each day, keeping your outfits and your jewelry all in the same place.

Whether you need convenient storage for a few modest pieces, or a whole arsenal of jewelry, it’s easy to find a stylish yet practical organizer for your bedroom or bathroom.

Tired of Missing Or Damaged Accessories? Try These Jewelry Organizers

It has happened a million times. You are all dressed up for an important meeting, but are running late for work. In a frenzy, you start rummaging through your accessories for that perfect pair of earrings, but alas, you can only find one. Your jewelry drawer is as big of a black hole as that sock-eating clothes dryer.

Thankfully, there are a wide range of organizers that can help solve this daily dilemma of missing jewelry. They range from classic tabletop designs to wall mounts, closet storage versions and even ones that hang over a door. So say goodbye to missing jewelry and save the one earring look for the pirates of the Caribbean. These jewelry organizers will make accessorizing a breeze.

Tabletop Organizers

Fans of traditional tabletop jewelry boxes have many choices to choose from. These are grown-up versions of the ballerina jewelry boxes of your youth, with sleek designs and numerous compartments to keep your collection organized. Two boxes worth checking out are the 3 – Drawer Java Organizer and the Spinning Mirror Jewelry Organizer.

The 3- Drawer Java Jewelry Organizer is perfect for large collections, with 3 large storage compartments for all types of jewelry. The box measures 10 3/4 x 7 x 6 inches and opens to reveal a mirror and four divided sections. The middle storage compartment is completely open for items like bracelets and watches. The bottom section is also open for other jewelry or keepsakes.

For a more upright tabletop model, the Spinning-Mirror Jewelry Organizer features three mirrored doors that spin around to reveal a cup to hold rings or earrings and five plated hooks for bracelets or necklaces. This spinning organizer is made of wood and glass and measures in at 10 x 2 1/2 x 13 inches.

Wall Mounted Organizers

If a lack of counter space is a concern, a more appealing option is a wall mounted jewelry organizer. These come in fancy styles suitable for display in any room, or plainer styles for areas like bedrooms or walk-in closets.

For people who want a jewelry organizer they can display, the Oak Mirror Jewelry Armoire is a beautiful choice. The armoire has an oak veneer finish with crown carved applique and a mirrored front. It measures 36 1/4 x 20 x 7 1/2 inches, making it an excellent organizer for large collections. When you open the armoire, there are a variety of storage options, including hooks and felt compartments, which means an end to tangled necklaces and missing earrings.

If an upscale wall mounted jewelry organizer is a bit dear for your budget, a no-frills option is the fittingly generically named Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer! But, despite the simple moniker, this workhorse of a product gets the job done with specially designed holes and slots that can hold up to 42 pairs of earrings! Necklace pegs also come in handy to keep tangles at bay. Made of wood, the wall mount organizer measures 18 x 7 1/2 x 3/16 inches and comes with mounting hardware.

In-Closet and Over Door Organizers

In- closet and over door jewelry organizers are perfect for people who like to keep their jewelry tucked away and not on display. The Ultra Jewelry Organizer is a convenient option that is a double-sided vinyl organizer that hangs from your closet rod with a built-in hanger. This model has 37 compartments with clear pockets, to make finding what you are looking for a breeze. The Ultra measure 26 3/4 x 13 inches.

If adding another item to your already jammed closet rod is completely out of the question, the Over Door Jewelry Organizer is a better option. This organizer has hooks that hold over 300 items, including up to 75 pairs of earrings, 75 bracelets or watches, 50 rings and 16 necklaces. Made of powder-coated steel, the Over Door Jewelry Organizer measures in at 21 1/2 x 4 x 31 inches. This item can also be wall mounted and hardware for that purpose is included.

For a fancier over door option, the Over Door Mirror and Jewelry Armoire is a good choice. This organizer has a shatterproof mirror door that opens to a variety of slots, hooks and compartments that hold up to 96 rings, 48 earrings and 36 necklaces. It is made of wood and measures 48 x 14 x 40 inches.

With so many types of jewelry organizers available, there is bound to be one that fits any size collection. Whether your preference is a display piece or one that you can tuck away in a closet, the options are limitless. So say goodbye to single earrings and tangled necklaces for good with an organizer that keeps your jewelry collection safe, secure and easy to navigate.

Finding a Jewelry Organizer to Manage Your Collection

Even if you have only a few pieces of jewelry, it makes sense to keep them in an organizer if only to protect them. After all, it’s easy to knock a ring off a vanity and down the drain. Or a precious pin might disappear in the clutter of a bathroom drawer, only to reemerge with a sharp jab to an unsuspecting finger. So, no matter how many pieces of jewelry you own, find a jewelry organizer that will manage your collection.

If you do have only a few pieces of jewelry, corral them in the Elaine Faux Leather Crystal Jewelry Box. This rectangular container is covered in faux leather and features a sand sueded fabric lining. The top is clear, so you can easily see inside the twenty-four compartments that are made to hold earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces or bracelets. The box secures with a flower-shaped snap that features a ten stone crystal. The faux leather comes in ivory or black to match the d├ęcor of your bedroom or dressing area.

Another pretty jewelry box for a small collection is the Rio Faux Leather Glass Top Jewelry Box. This also features clear viewing through a glass lid atop a box covered in ivory or black faux leather. The flower-shaped snap closure is a ten stone crystal for that added flash that simulates fine jewelry. Inside are three open sections along with a single set of ring rolls. You can really organize your small jewelry collection with this pretty little box.

If space is limited, try out the Medicine Cabinet Jewelry Organizer. This is a slim organizer that will hang behind the door of your medicine cabinet, or any other cabinet for that matter. It can be attached with adhesives or magnets. Dangle your bracelets and necklaces from the hooks, or secure your precious earring collection on the layered interior. It’s a simple solution for a small bathroom or dressing area.

Another handy organizer that will help you manage your jewelry collection is the Overdoor Jewelry Organizer. This metal wire unit hangs over the back of any door, so you can hang it in the closet, inside a cabinet or anywhere that is convenient for you. Up to 300 pieces of jewelry will hang from the hooks without tangling into a mess that you have to fight through every morning. The mesh area allows you to hang your earrings so that each pair remains together and easy to find. This is a great jewelry organizer that can be a work of glimmering art, too. Really get organized with the 3 Drawer Java Jewelry Organizer. This clever box features a drawer plus a generous center section and a top tray. There is even a mirror set inside the lid so you can make sure your brooch is pinned securely or your necklace is hanging just right around your neck. This lovely box comes in a dark wood finish and the interior offers you plenty of room to organize your jewelry collection.

If you enjoy a little music when you dress, check out the White Musical Jewelry Organizer. Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” plays when you open the lid or the side doors. The lid features a mirror on the inside of this white wood composite organizer and there are four drawers down the center of the piece. Two hinged doors open on the sides. This piece is lined with sueded fabric and it features ring rolls and lots of compartments for all your fine jewelry.

Conceal your precious jewelry inside the Photo Display Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire. Each case is rectangular and features an exterior with three picture mattes. The picture front swings open to reveal an interior that can hold plenty of pieces. Two earring racks will hold as many as fourteen pairs of earrings, plus there are six hooks for hanging bracelets or necklaces. There are even six cubby holes for you to store your rings and pins, and all of it is lined with black velvet. Whether you choose a cherry, white or black wood exterior, you’ll be thrilled with how well this jewelry organizer suits your decor.

Your more extensive jewelry collection will find a comfortable home in Jade Jewelry Armoires. These fine furniture-style boxes stand on four legs like a nice bureau, and each one features four drawers and a lift top. The lid of the lift top has a mirror on the inside, and beneath the lid is a lined and divided compartment that includes ring pads.